0 – Cardiff 10K: The great outdoors

First off, I’m back to it! Another 5K in the bag!

After my first naff session¬†last Tuesday, I had another on Thursday. On Tuesday, I only managed 20 minutes due to pain in my lower calves. I got to 4.5k on Thursday, but only after a few stops, my breathing was all over the place, I didn’t get into a comfortable rhythm and I struggled with my asthma.

To be honest, it set me back quite a lot. If you’ve read my other 0 – Cardiff 10K¬†blogs, you’ll know I’ve been surprised by how easy I’ve found it getting to 5K. Having two sessions in a row where I really found it difficult knocked my confidence big time. So, getting to the gym on Sunday morning and smashing my second fastest 5K was a big step for me.

I’m now onto the ‘walk as needed’ section of the plan, but I still feel like that’s too much of a big jump for me. I’d rather continue with this method, perhaps building up to five or six minutes per one minute of walking this week and dropping my overall pace down to compensate. Cardiff 10K is four months away! And I want to run the whole thing. Obviously, I’ll slow down to a walk if I need to, but I’d like to complete it having run the whole way.

As much as I want to put it off, I’m getting to a stage where I need to start running outside – getting used to different terrains, temperature, weather, not having the treadmill readouts in front of me. I think that’s where I will struggle, though. With a treadmill, I know exactly what speeds to run to balance my time with my endurance. I know exactly how long I’ve got left before I start a one minute walk. I know exactly how long I’ve got left until I hit 5K. Those elements give me little goals which help to break up the run. I’m running thinking about getting to the next walk, and how many cycles I’ve got left. Running without those small goals in mind will be a big test for me.

Along with my colleagues, I’m running Cardiff 10K in September, raising money for Kidney Wales. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting four of the wonderful people helped by Kidney Wales and I want to make sure Kidney Wales can help many more like them. Please sponsor me and the team with whatever you can by heading to our JustGiving page.


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