100 days of pregnancy

One of the best things about your wife being pregnant is being able to blame the pregnancy for you not writing for a week.

Yesterday, Emma hit the 100th day of her pregnancy – 14 weeks and two days in. Just the 25 weeks and 4 days to go! So I thought I’d talk a bit about the first 100 days and how it’s been, for both Emma and myself.

Guys, word of warning – the first 100 days is boring! I’m not saying I’d rather be in Em’s position, but the first thing we noticed was the tiredness. Almost immediately after finding out, she was drained of all energy. Most nights, particularly around weeks 4-8, she was asleep by 8pm… on me. The dog was usually asleep in his bed. And I was left twiddling my thumbs. Get up and do something, you say? Trust me, you don’t want to wake a tired, sleeping pregnant woman.

Not saying anything to family was one of the hardest things for both of us. We were so elated with the news, and yet we had to act like everything was completely normal around people who know us so well!

We did end up telling my mum fairly early on. She works for the head of midwifery at the hospital we’d be visiting and we didn’t want her to come across a file with Emma’s name on it, and her finding out that way.

Scares at six and eleven

While I might moan and whinge in jest about the boredom of a seemingly always sleepy wife, the first 100 days did include some very worrying and tough days.

Roughly six weeks in, we suffered our first scare. We were advised to go to A&E. At 7pm on a Friday. By the time Em was transferred to the emergency gynaecology ward, it was 1am and there was no chance of a scan to see if the baby was okay. She did have an exam, however, and everything looked okay, so we were sent home. She was eventually asked to go in for a scan a week later. The first time we got to see our little baba. In a way, it wasn’t as emotional as you’d expect. Most women don’t have their first scan until 12 weeks when the baby is much more fully formed and has identifiable features. It was basically just a blob at seven weeks.

The sonographer asked for a doctor’s opinion on the scan. They said the baby was lying a bit low in the uterus. It could be normal, they said. It could be something that happens in most women, and by the time the 12-week scan comes along, the baby has moved up. But it could also be a sign of that one word no expectant parent wants to hear… miscarriage.

That hit Em really hard. She’s a born worrier. She didn’t hear the doctor or sonographer say “it could be nothing to worry about”. She just heard “miscarriage”. We were asked to come back for another scan in two weeks. I’m much more optimistic. I spent those two weeks excited that we’d get to see our baby again. But Emma worried. For two weeks straight. Thankfully, though, that second scan showed the baby had moved up and everything was fine.

Just a few weeks later, another scare. First thing in the morning, this time. Emma had only just over the two weeks of worrying from the first time. Again we rushed to hospital. A&E is much quieter at 7am on a Thursday. Everything settled down very quickly and again the exam showed no signs of problem. It can be normal for women to bleed when they’re pregnant. Some do right the way through – that’s right, gents, you learn a hell of a lot about the female reproductive system in the first few months of pregnancy! As our 12 week scan was due in a little over a week, we were advised to wait until then.

We haven’t had any more problems and our little baba looked absolutely fine during the normal 12 week scan. In fact, we found out that Em was actually 13 weeks pregnant.


Cravings are a strange thing. Aversions, too. Normal Emma LOVES chocolate, and cake, and ice cream. Pregnant Emma does not.

Her biggest craving has been ice lollies. We both found it quite a strange one, but it turns out ice is one of the most common cravings women experience. Thankfully *crosses fingers* her cravings haven’t been so bad that I’ve had to go out and get something immediately. I’ve just planned ahead and made sure we’re fully stocked on her cravings.

Closer… closer… little closer

They say that having a baby changes your life and your relationship. I think it starts during pregnancy.

Guys, you and your partner will get closer than you ever have before. And I don’t mean in a spiritual, loving way. I mean you will have noooooooo secrets. She might never talk to you about her ‘time of the month’, she might never have even said the word ‘period’ in front of you, she might never have talked to you about her digestion. Let me tell you something, she’s going to talk about it. And you’ll listen whether you like it or not! She’ll fart, she’ll burp, she’ll tell you how much pain she’s in because she hasn’t pooed in four days. She’ll send you a message celebrating the fact that she just farted for the first time in days. She’ll tell you (and your family) that her boobs hurt. I, myself, find it quite amusing – not that she’s in pain or anything. It’s just that Em has always been someone never to talk about those things, never let one off in front of me, never let on that she’s going for a number two. And now she’s just open and honest about it all. It’s hilarious.

There is probably so much more to say about the first 100 days, but you’re probably already starting to fall asleep, right?

From now on, I’m going to do a weekly update: How Em is coping, how I’m coping, what we’ve learned, how big the bump is, how big the baby is etc etc etc.

Catch ya soon!




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