Week 16 of growing a baby

I knew it had been a while since I posted, but damn, 22nd of May was a long time ago.

Emma is actually into her 17th week now, but I can’t blooming well talk about the 17th week when we’re only a few days into it, can I?

So what’s been going on?

Feeling left out

Week 16 was when Emma really started to feel the first movements. They’re not kicks, and not big enough that I’m able to feel, but she definitely started feeling things at the start of week 16, probably even the back end of week 15. She describes them as ‘popping sensations’.

A lot of new dads and expectant fathers talk about feeling left out, particularly when they go back to work, but I think this is the first time I’ve felt it during the pregnancy. Em has this incredible feeling inside her womb, and I can’t do anything but nod along and accept that it’s happening. I’ve been part of everything that’s happened so far, as much as I can be, at least. So it’s hard to understand that you can’t experience the first real signs of your baby moving around.

Doting doggy

The other really noticeable thing that happened in week 16 is Sherlock’s increased awareness and interest in Emma’s growing bump. It’s been obvious that he knows something is different for weeks, but he’s been so much more attentive over the past week or so. Rather than racing over to Emma, flopping to the floor and rolling over, ready for fuss, he’ll often come and sit calmly by her side, nestling into her belly.


Some of the cravings changed this week, as well. The first three months were definitely all about ice lollies and carbs. But I saw Em become more interested in more sweet things since the start of week 16.

Yes, lollies are sweet, but ice cream was off limits. Not now! I think we’ve bought four big tubs of ice cream and she’s dipped her toes back into the realm of sweets. Still no chocolate though!

I’m really thankful that Emma hasn’t had any super-intense, urgent cravings yet. That’s down to pure luck, or, I’ve just made sure we’re well stocked on everything. Either way, I’m glad I haven’t been having to make sudden, late-night dashes to the supermarket.

Our first big purchase

I think I might have mentioned in my last blog (that’s right, I’m too lazy to check!) that Emma has been really cautious when it comes to buying things for the baby.

That went out the window last week when we made probably the single biggest purchase… the pram! We’d be having a tentative look around, trying to find out exactly what we wanted and what would suit our needs. We weren’t finding anything¬†perfect, though. There was a problem with every one we liked the look of, pulled out and had a little push around with. We did come across one, however, in Mothercare that fit the bill. Em was about to tell the store assistant (who was ridiculously helpful, by the way!) that we’d be back in a few months’ time to buy it, but I just thought ‘why not do it now?!’¬†We had to pay for it, it was the only one we’ve both agreed on without question, there was no real reason for us not to. So we did it!

Quick point to anyone expecting a child, or will be in a few years. A good store assistant is a dream! We’re both the type of shoppers who will always try to avoid them coming up to us and saying ‘Do you need any help there?’. And we’ll just grunt ‘Just looking, thanks’¬†as we run away to the opposite end of the store. But, during the pregnancy, that’s all changed! We’re actively looking for someone to help, someone to explain what on earth everything means in this complex world of 3 in 1 3D travel systems, pregnancy pillows, breastfeeding tops and bottle sterilisers. Someone with the patience to teach to people who have NO IDEA what they’re doing is a lifesaver. By the way, I’m unnerved by why a pram manufacturer needs to specify that it’s ‘3D’ in the name!

That’s about it for week 16. (Hopefully) See you next week!


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